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How much does it cost for full service?

Yes, Rob L, I know. My question was about how much it costs.

Do you have a washing machine and dryer? How long does a wash take to wash and dry? Thank you.

If they have. 1 hour approx

hello I have to put the clothes to wash or you provide the service to deliver it clean ???

You go there insert your clothes,wait or go do something till its done and then go pick them up.

Can u do your own laundry anytime

Yes, you can. If you want you can hire the services of the laundromat to clean your clothes.

Hello....I new in area and wanted to find a clean and nice laundromat. From your reviews im gonna do my washing clothes here. But do you all sell fabric softner and other things to help clean clothes or do i have to buy it before i come thwre?

They can provide you with everything you want. They are very polite

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